Power Hour

We implemented Power Hour in May of 2019. Our Power Hour is based on the Boys and Girls Club of America Model of Making Minutes Count. Power Hour helps students achieve academic success by providing one-on-one reading, homework help, tutoring, and high-yield learning activities which help students to realize their full potential. Power Hour builds on the philosophy that the benefits of homework are threefold – academic, behavioral and social. Young people who consistently complete their homework develop a deeper understanding of the work, and are ready to move on to more challenging concepts. In addition, homework completion leads to long-term improvements in students’ grades and test scores.

Dedicated volunteers supervise each session and help students complete their reading and often other assignments. The Power Hour allows students to receive individual and focused attention, develop a bond and build a relationship with volunteers, allows the volunteer to build a bond and relationship with the child, and assists the students to master a subject or subjects.

Implementing Power Hour, also aligned the goals of Brighter Futures and the Lincoln Enrichment Center with that of the Boys and Girls Club of America. To date, over 150 children have benefited from Power Hour.