Board of Directors

The Lincoln Enrichment Center has a Board of Directors made-up of individuals from the community and headed by the president of the board, John W Jones, the co-founder of the Lincoln Enrichment Center.  Their main responsibilities are to formulate and approve policies and operations of the Lincoln Enrichment Center. The Executive Board is comprised of four board members who are elected to three-year terms.

Mr. John W. Jones

Mr. John W. Jones, President of the Board of Directors, was born in Wagoner and is the son of two public school educators. He attended Wagoner’s public schools and graduated from Northeastern State University. He is passionate about education and saw a great need to create and provide a nurturing and learning environment to complement the Wagoner Public School system and assist children in reaching their full potentials. He co-founded Brighter Futures and the Lincoln Enrichment Center to provide children with additional educational, fitness, and recreational opportunities.  

Educating, Equipping & Empowering Children

Dr. Suzanne Salichs

Dr. Suzanne Salichs serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors, she is a native of Florida, served close to 30 years in government and administration in Florida. Dr. Salichs is a university instructor and is passionate about education and empowerment of youth. She co-founded Brighter Futures and the Lincoln Enrichment Center to provide children with additional educational, fitness, and recreational opportunities. Dr. Salichs is involved with the daily operations of  Brighter Futures and the development of curriculum and programs.


Mrs. Donna Ford

Mrs. Donna Ford serves as the Treasurer for the Lincoln Enrichment Center Board of Directors. She attended The Lincoln School until 1965, when she was in 9 grade, and the Wagoner Public Schools desegregated. She is a graduate of Wagoner High School. Mrs. Ford resides half a block from the school and is involved in many community projects. She is a volunteer at the Lincoln Enrichment Center and you will often see her smiling face at the front desk. She also serves in the capacity as Trustee for the First Baptist Church and Church Secretary. Prior to retirement, Mrs. Ford served as a Head Start Specialist and has dedicated her life to education and community service. She is also a member of the Red Hat Society - The Sassy Lassie’s of Wagoner.

Melissa Bass Board Member

Mrs. Melissa Bass

Mrs. Melissa Bass serves on the Board of Directors. She is a native of Wagoner and graduated from Wagoner High School. She later married David Bass and became an Army wife, moved to Germany. Mrs. Bass is the proud mother of two daughters and grandmother to seven. She served as a Child Development Associate for Head Start, provided home daycare, and also worked in home healthcare. Mrs. Bass currently serves as a Judge for the Wagoner County Election Board and participates in all elections held in Wagoner County.