Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Is My Child Eligible to Participate? The Lincoln Enrichment Center is open to school-aged children (Kindergarten to 5th Grade) depending upon space availability. Please contact us at (918) 807-0262 to schedule a time to visit the Lincoln Enrichment Center and learn more about what services we offer.

How Do I Enroll My Child? Visit the Center on Mondays and tour the Lincoln Enrichment Center. Or call (918) 807-0262 for additional information, or to schedule a visit.

How Can I Become a Volunteer? All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Form, provide three references, and are subject to a background check. We value our volunteers and want to make your experience a rewarding one. If you have a particular talent or passion that you’d like to share with us, that would be awesome. There are many different volunteer opportunities, so please contact us at (918) 807-0262 to learn more.

Want to Help Make A Difference? Consider a one-time or monthly donation to the Lincoln Enrichment Center. Donations can help fund educational or recreational materials, classroom tutors, meals, or transportation costs. Please contact us at (918) 807-0262 to learn more about how you can make a difference. We thank you for your interest!